About Virginia Riordan

Virginia Riordan’s desire is to help people experience more peace, authenticity and wellness in their everyday lives.

Licensed Esthetician | Certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician

Ginny’s interest in personal health began with exploring health foods when a “health food store” was a place to find odd ingredients like tofu, miso or essential oils, with an ample supply of tie-dye shirts, incense and candles. A decade later, she started receiving massage treatments to help reduce the stress of her marketing job, and began learning energy healing on the side out of a desire to help others.

Her powerful experience with massage and the relief it brought led her to change careers and become a massage therapist, which she did for 17 years. Along the way, Ginny taught a class on Alternative Healing at Cape Cod Community College; the class was so well-received that it became the foundation for a massage therapy certificate program with a holistic focus, where she and her students were able to help many people find healing and wholeness through caring, informed touch.

Virginia Riordan - Certified Esthetician and Dr. Hauschka Esthetician - Ginny and the Angels Holistic Skin Care

When Ginny and her Buffalonian husband moved back to WNY in 2007, she jumped at the opportunity to transition to esthetics. In the skin care field, she could blend hands-on techniques with the wonderfully healing Dr. Hauschka products, which she has used personally for more than 20 years.

Ginny is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician. Through facial and body treatments and a selection of Dr. Hauschka products in her skin-care studio, Ginny’s desire is to help others to heal and “find a peaceful place to hang their hat and shed their worries, if only for an hour” (to paraphrase a client).

Ginny offers a variety of facial treatments, body treatments and Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products that rely on nature to help your inner skin and outer skin heal and harmonize your body’s natural processes.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products empower you to care for the health of your skin naturally—and awaken your beauty, both inside and out.

Facial Treatments

Our specialty facial treatments support the skin’s 28-day process of renewal, helping to keep skin vital, fresh and glowing.

Body Treatments

Rhythmic, caring touch and a selection of skin care products guide you to balance, serenity, and improved skin health.


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