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At GINNY AND THE ANGELS, we feature Dr. Hauschka holistic skin care products, which rely on nature—not the laboratory—to help our skin heal and harmonize our body’s natural processes. Holistic skin care refers to both inner and outer skin care.

INNER SKIN CARE means that we maintain a balanced lifestyle—healthy diet, sufficient sleep, fresh air, physical exercise, and a moderate amount of sun.

OUTER SKIN CARE is important because the skin is the largest organ of the body, and reflects our inner being as we interface with the outer world. It needs to be nurtured, protected, and allowed to absorb what it needs to restore it to a state of balance.

Dr. Hauschka’s organic, biodynamic skin care products and treatments help our body do just that.

We offer treatments that nurture skin as a vital organ of health, and Dr. Hauschka retail products for face and body.

Learn more about Dr. Hauschka products and philosophy at the official Dr. Hauschka website.
Dr. Hauschka Face Care Products